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"For the Best Look at Your Fire Incident"

  • The AIM Package
  • Better Than Normal GPS Mapping
  • Search & Rescue, Natural Disaster, Damage Assessment Applications
  • Construction Planning, Energy Saving Surveys, Roof Moisture Analysis
  • AIM Available on Federal CWN, California State and Individual Contracts
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  • San Joaquin Helicopters, Inc. of Delano, California, a leader in innovative aerial firefighting services for more than 25 years, enhances your suppression efforts by offering the most complete package for wildfire response in the industry with its AERIAL GIS/INFRARED MAPPING or AIM System.

    Merging two of firefighting’s most powerful technologies – Geographic Information Systems “GIS” and Forward Looking Infrared “FLIR” Mapping – the AIM system enhances operational effectiveness in initial attack and large fire suppression operations. Mounted in a Bell JetRanger helicopter, the AIM System quickly gathers critical fire data from the air.

    When homes or resources are threatened, there’s no time to waste. Have a map or ARCVIEW-generated computer files of the incident in hand in minutes with San Joaquin’s AIM ship thanks to on-scene GIS technicians and a mobile GIS lab. Choose desired mapping parameters, include or exclude terrain features, plot hazards, map fire progression – just about any data needed is available quickly in a number of easy to interpret mapping formats.

    Combining pinpoint latitude/longitude and topographic information with infrared heat signature data gives you the advantage you need to gain control of your fire – and ease planning for subsequent operational periods.

    When heavy smoke and inversion conditions obscure visual recon of your fire incident, San Joaquin’s aerial infrared mapping service is the only option for getting the fastest, most comprehensive look at fire activity beneath the smoke.

    And at the same time get a jump on planning your next moves – pinpoint the most active perimeter and high potential areas of the fire line through combined topographic and fire perimeter mapping. Deploy your ground resources for maximum suppression effect with this information and reduce ground firefighters’ time spent searching for hot spots and areas of escape potential along the fire line.

    In today’s era of strained firefighting budgets, requesting the AIM platform on your incident means you will cut suppression costs by containing and controlling wildfires faster, with less manpower and equipment costs. Less time in mop-up operations frees resources to attack new fires, potentially reducing the number of large fires in your response area. Dollar loss prevention improves when you wrap up your incident earlier and get a jump on additional initial attack assignments.

    The AIM Package

    San Joaquin’s AIM service brings you a Bell 206B3 JetRanger helicopter equipped with state of the art aerial monitoring equipment as well as a mobile GIS lab and service truck. A GIS technician rides left-seat during mapping flights, alongside the pilot, ensuring accurate, efficient data gathering through a heads-up display in the cockpit.

    The AIM platform gathers critical, real-time data from the fire lines and stores it in the onboard computer, matching a belly-mounted FLIR Systems infrared camera with real-time, differentially-corrected GPS and unique software that translates digital FLIR images. Digital Elevation Modeling projects these ortho-rectified images on an ARCVIEW-generated USGS topographical map. Upon landing, technicians rapidly transfer data to San Joaquin’s on-scene lab for rapid assessment and production.

    The mobile GIS laboratory provides a climate-controlled environment that in minutes puts data from each flight into customer-specific format – using ARCVIEW software with desired layering for direct transfer to local GIS systems, large wall maps for easy display and interpretation at briefings, durable pocket maps for out on the line and a wealth of other useful formats. All thanks to retrievable, geo-referenced digital FLIR video files.

    Have a new wall map in your hands for each briefing, outlining more than just the fire perimeter. AIM System maps show progression of fire line, active perimeter, dozer lines, division breaks and other standard firefighting symbology, all in an easily viewed format.

    Following the briefing, give your line firefighters individual pocket maps with Lat/Long locations of hotspots and hazards. Take the maps and a handheld GPS out on the fire line and firefighters will see a rapid improvement in efficiency and safety on scene.

    And the GIS lab is available 24-hours a day at any incident for local GIS personnel to bring in their own computers for maximum operational effectiveness at an incident. Rather than driving back to the home office, personnel can utilize the lab’s ample desktop workspace with FireWire, Local Area Network and Satellite Internet connections in the climate-controlled trailer.

    The lab brings a top-quality Hewlett-Packard Plotter, Ink Jet Printer and two computers, capable of printing ANSI Media Sizes A through E. A self-contained generator provides hours of service on remote fire incidents – the mobile GIS lab can go anywhere fires strike.

    Better Than Normal GPS Mapping

    Unlike inaccurate mapping with handheld GPS units, the AIM System’s enhanced technology combines real-time differential GPS signal correction and geo-referenced, digitized FLIR imagery to provide a true ortho-rectified (map-projected) FLIR image in easy to read formats. Using today’s most powerful mapping programs, CD ROMS and a Satellite Internet connection for immediate access to local topographic data for any U.S. location, San Joaquin’s AIM System gives you confidence that each flight brings the most accurate picture of your fire incident.

    Search & Rescue, Natural Disaster, Damage Assessment Applications

    And San Joaquin’s AIM platform has endless applications outside firefighting – search and rescue operations for lost hikers and children can be greatly improved with an aerial infrared mapping ship on the scene. With its onboard FLIR Systems infrared camera, a victim’s body heat signature is clearly visible even in the black of night. Search areas can be mapped and routes tracked progressively during the operations.

    When flooding hits your area, mapping of floods can help establish new flood plain data that can assist urban planners for new home construction, levy reinforcement and new flood control resources. When the water is at its highest level, the helicopter and AIM system is the optimum tool for mapping the perimeters of floodwaters.

    Perimeter information can also be gathered once waters have receded. And within the area of devastation, the AIM system gathers a picture that aids damage assessment of the event - structures are orthographically, individually pinpointed on maps for the most accurate review of overall property damage.

    Construction Planning, Energy Saving Surveys, Roof Moisture Analysis

    Aerial mapping can also assist in determining property boundaries, proposed construction areas or proposed orchard/vineyard planting sites. Have your current property mapped and matched to topographic data showing elevation differences or simply determine a perimeter – the AIM System can provide accurate perimeter distance and total site acreage in just a few minutes.

    And San Joaquin regularly locates faults in power lines, insulators, joints and substations for electrical utility customers. Periodic aerial patrols of remote lines, substations and receptacles have saved provider companies -- and their customers -- countless dollars by finding problems before they become catastrophes.

    Roof Moisture Analysis is also a highly effective program that enables building owners and maintenance managers to quickly and accurately isolate moisture damage in roofing materials of all kinds. It is a passive (non-destructive) detection method that saves untold man-hours over conventional techniques. Our real-time IR scan expedites repairs by pinpointing saturated insulation, faulty maintenance or materials, as well as energy losses that often accompany these problems.

    AIM Available on Federal CWN, California State and Individual Contracts

    The AIM System is available for contract nationwide, on an individual assignment basis or through federal Call-When-Needed and California State contracts. San Joaquin Helicopters has aircraft available for a wide range of firefighting and utility assignments, staffed by experienced pilots with thousands of flight hours.

    Contact/Ordering Information

    To order San Joaquin Helicopters’ Aerial GIS/Infrared mapping platform or for further information on its AIM service, please call (661) 725-1898. Visit SJH at www.sjhelicopters.com or send email directly to Erik Josephson.